Salt was established in 2017 as an art collective and has developed into a source of imagery and visuals to depict Atlanta life while deeply stirring thought in the millennial mind. We welcome everyone as we begin our journey to bring a new wave of creative visuals to Atlanta.





You fill in the blank.

For us, we fill in the blank with "passion." We inspire by creating imagery with Atlanta as its center and through our imagery, we hope to open the eyes of the ambitious and the eager. To have them redirect their perspective from "I want to move to California or New York" to "I am at the right place, at the right time. Atlanta is a blessing."

What is the perfect picture to provide to an outsider who has no idea what to expect from Atlanta?


Atlanta isn't perfect. 

When you think of New York, you get a clear vision revolving around the scenery and feel of NYC. However, when people think of Atlanta, they aren't really sure what to expect other than the main tourist attractions. No one really knows what Midtown, Downtown, East Atlanta, Five Points, etc. is like. Our goal is to provide clear imagery of all the different sectors Atlanta consist of through visuals and storytelling. 

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